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Some videos of tributes and highlights following conclusion of term as Vice-Chancellor

Video produced by UCT to highlight some of the achievements of UCT during the decade of Dr Price’s tenure as Vice-Chancellor, June 2018. Watch short clip (1:16)  or  full video (4 mins)

Tributes to Dr Max Price at the gala farewell dinner, 23 June 2018. Watch video (3:50)

UCT staff say farewell, June 2018. Professor Alison Lewis, dean of the Faculty of Engineering and the Built Environment pays tribute to Dr Price and Professor Posel. Dr Price speaks about the highlights of the decade. 

Watch a short clip and view the full video (25 mins) here

A compilation of messages of appreciation from students leaders and others on completion of Dr Price’s term as VC.

Watch a short clip now or view the full video (25 mins) here.

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